Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Living Water

Gaining entrance into the Quilombo villages of Brazil proves to be a challenge.  Because of their history as slaves, they are very suspicious and cautious of outsiders.  The chief of the village must be convinced that the presence of missionaries is advantageous to his community before permission to enter is granted.  Therefore, in order to get the gospel into these unreached villages, many times it must be coupled with some type of community “improvement project” that will meet a humanitarian need for the benefit of the village.  This approach almost always wins the support of the chief.
Project living water is the perfect marriage of the humanitarian and spiritual needs of the Quilombolas.  Most of these villages have very crude sanitation and water supplies.  Water related illness is rampant among them.  Many are dying from preventable health problems that stem from a lack of clean water.
Therefore, LINC-UP Missions is partnering with one of our Brazilian colleagues (Arilton) who is from the interior of Brazil and whose father is a Quilombola.  He is a remarkable leader and has the trust of the Quilombolas because of his background.  Arilton has established a Not-For-Profit organization in Brazil called Mission Living Water.   Together, LINC-UP Missions and Mission Living Water are taking clean drinking water, but more importantly, the living water Himself, Jesus Christ to the Quilombolas.
Our first challenge is to get the living water into 50 Quilombo villages that have approximately 50 families each.  We are equipping each family with a residential water filter manufactured in Brazil for $15.00. 
If you are looking for a way to involve your church, Bible Study Class or organization in global evangelization, Project Living Water is an excellent vehicle for mobilization.  Our hope is that groups would not only help financially, but would also travel to Brazil with us for hands-on involvement.
To adopt an entire Quilombo village through Project Living Water and supply this unreached community with both clean drinking water and the gospel of Jesus Christ is only $750.00.   You may also choose to purchase 1 water filter for $15.00 or any multiple thereof.  As always,    LINC-UP Missions is highly accountable and will keep you informed of the impact of your investment.

Simply mark your check to LINC-UP Missions designated to Project Living Water at P.O. Box 572 Hilliard, FL  32046 or through our Pay Pal account at 

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