Where: Northeast Brazil
Language:  Portuguese

Why: In our region, the Baixada, there are over 750,000 people and only 13 pastors.

Who: The Quilombolas of Brazil are our focal people group whose Christian population is less than 1%.  The Quilombolas are decendents of slaves who escaped their bonds and fled to the jungles for refuge.  Today, they are in spiritual bondage to witch doctors who practice the religious animism of African Macumba.  Our mission is to locate their villages, win their trust and introduce them to Christ.

 Church Planting

Our Job is to help facilitate a church-planting movement that makes Christ known to everyone in our region.  We do this by mobilizing U.S. churches for church planting partnerships with Brazilian congregations.

                            A backseat ride on my motorcylce down the only paved road in our area

How can I help?  See Project Living Water

 Leadership Development

Through our partnership with the Baptist College of Florida, LINC-UP Missions is training and certifying pastors who serve churches that we have established and missionaries who serve with the Home Mission Board of the Brazilian Baptist Convention

   Graduation ceremony in November 2010


LINC-UP Missions is convinced that the local church has been given the primary responsibility and privilege to fulfill the Great Commission.  Our founder, Dr. Richie Allen, knows first-hand the benefits and blessings of serving as pastor of a globally connected church.  He also knows how to mobilize and energize churches for global evangelization.  He and LINC-UP Missions help connect and mobilize U.S. Churches with the unreached of Brazil.

Richie and Heather Allen